Literature Review- regional area victoria,Australia

Assessment 1:
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Literature Review
1500 (excluding references)
Week 3 Due Friday 5 January 2018, 5.00pm

Literature review
The selection, examination and effective evaluation of research that has been conducted in a articular area of study or topic over a period of time. Produced in a written essay format (including in-text references) that demonstrates the development and recurrence of common areas in a particular field from the seminal (first/original) article to the current day. The two main types of literature reviews are pure review of existing research to demonstrate development of theory over time and the other is to identify a research gap or ‘research space’ that a study is attempting to address or fill.

Students will conduct a literature review to demonstrate a clear understanding of the term Visitor Economy. The focus of investigation will be on key regional destinations Benalla, Beechworth, Yarrawonga, Shepparton located in the rural area of VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA. The essay will also contrast other regional and rural areas with an aim to identify opportunities or gaps between the destinations.
1. An introduction of the direction of this submission and initial findings
2. Define Visitor Economy
3. Look for examples in literature including current media of goods and services for consumption
by visitors, including industries that directly serve visitors, prevalent in key regional destinations
4. Review other regional and rural destinations to identify gaps in goods and services for
consumption by visitors, including industries that directly serve visitors, such as hotels, transport providers, tour companies and attractions, as well as intermediaries and those involved indirectly, such as retail and food production mainly focus on gourment within the regions.
5. Conclusions that clearly show a summation of the gaps in regional and rural Victoria directly connected to the literature that defines the Visitor Economy.

Originality score + 20%. Single originality +6%. this document will go through turnitin so please make sure about the originality of the paper due there are specific areas to study.

– Relevant and complex sequence of argument
Excellent professionalism: spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraph structure and page formatting.

1. Introduction
Clearly shows the scope and initial findings and limitations of the submission
2.. Define the Visitor economy
Visitor economy comprehensively defined highly relevant examples drawn from key and other regional destinations to support argument
3.Gap analysis of key regional destinations
4. Gap analysis of other regional

Comprehensive gap analysis provided with justifying theory

5. Clear summation of gaps connected to
literature defining Visitor economy
Conclusions connected in detail to gap analysis
Supporting Literature drawn from a wide variety of credible sources.

this is one of my last paper in the semester i’ve had good grades with you as a writer, i need high quality in this paper and that the literature review is focus on the areas mentioned aboved, also i need ACADEMIC references! and also some references of the propper website of each town.
ill upload some references given by the teache that could help you out.
Thank you again please remember the plagiarism not more that 20% in the overall paper and 6% in eah source

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