Major Assignment: Membership in Professional Organizations

Write a 1-page paper describing a need or change related to a practice environment or a problem that is suitable for research.(Impact of nursing shortage on patient care) Include your rationale for why this situation or topic warrants attention.

Outline your plans for participation in the professional nursing organization, and describe how this will help you to meet your professional goals.(Nursing Organization is the American Association Nurse Practitioners) Also, consider how the organization may correlate with or support the development of your DNP Scholarly Project or PhD Dissertation in the future.

Include documentation of your membership at the end of your Major Assessment as an Appendix. (You may copy and paste the e-mail verification of your membership, or copy your membership receipt and paste it into your Word doc.) Be sure to observe proper APA style for including appendices. ( I will attach copy of the membership card and the receipt at the end of this paper)

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