Managing Organization Behaviour

Identify TWO subject areas covered by the MBA Managing Organisational Behaviour Module which you feel have given you a greater insight into understanding human behaviour at work (e.g. culture, motivation, bureaucracy etc.). Reflect back on your own previous personal work experience as an Industrial engineer and attempt a critical analysis of a particular problematical work situation or incident in which you were involved, either as a manager or an employee, in relation to your 2 chosen subject areas.
Identify and evaluate possible recommendations for change that might resolve any problems or potential problems you have identified.
Identify any particular strength(s) in the situation which it would be beneficial for the organisation to maintain/ develop.
Your analysis of your work situation should therefore be structured to include:
A description of the situation in behavioural terms.
An understanding of the relevant theory and literature and the ability to apply this rigorously to the chosen situation so as to describe and explain what was going on.
An ability to produce a reasoned set of arguments incorporating aspects of different theories and approaches to support your analysis and justify your recommendations for change.

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