maritime Information systems

How you manage your company’s operations depends on the information you have. Information systems can offer more complete and more recent information, allowing you to operate your company more efficiently. Organisations are now looking at ways in which they can gather and use accurate information to formulate strategy for future planning. You can use information systems to gain a cost advantage over competitors or to differentiate yourself by offering better customer service.
You are required to consider the importance of information within maritime organisations and how critical it is to both the short term and long term success of a business.
Identify what types of information are required by different stakeholders within organisations and how they are collated, accessed, shared, measured and communicated in order for the business to operate as efficiently as possible.

You should use the theory you have learnt in the lectures and seminars and apply it to your discussion. You are required to demonstrate that you firmly understand the principles and have investigated how these apply and are implemented within the maritime industry. You must provide real facts and evidence from your research that demonstrates how organisations manage their information strategy.
You must not simply provide a report of detailed information management theory. You will be assessed on your application of the theory to real issues and organisations. Therefore you must support your discussion and conclusion with extensive research and evidence.
Any organisations you choose to research should have a maritime or logistics element such as shipping lines, tankers, bulk carriers, cruise companies, ports or port owners, maritime agencies, logistics providers etc. You may use examples from one specific organisation or several organisations to demonstrate your understanding.

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