Market Analysis

Market Analysis
Assignment 2: consumer data analysis
Select one of the following sectors to research:
Fast food restaurants
Clothes retail for adults (men or women)
Confectionery and snacks
Step 1: background and context
Use secondary sources of information, such as Bloomberg, Mintel, company reports and news stories to research the market for your chosen sector. Consider these points:
What is the value of the market?
Who are the major players and what is their market share?
What are the key factors that affect the market? (PESTEL analysis)
Step 2: customer analysis
Choose one of the major players. Conduct a short survey with 20 people who are likely to be consumers of your chosen organisation in order to find out more about their views, perceptions, opinions, attitudes and behaviour.
Summarise your research results and analyse the most important segments using STP theory
Using the results of your research make conclusions about the typical consumer in a target segment and write a pen portrait of him/her, using your primary data and the secondary data you gathered in step 1. The pen portrait should include ideas about how to reach the customer.
Present your work as a business report of no more than 2000 words as if you were a market research agency presenting information to a client more information about this will be given in the sessions.
This assignment is worth 50% of the marks for this module and assesses learning outcome 2:Analyse and interpret consumer data in order to make recommendations for future strategy.

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