Marketing management

Presenting your case analysis. Everything done thus far has been “think” work. You have tackled your problem and you have a recommendation to make. Your problem now is to present your analysis and solution strategy in such a manner that it will be given careful attention. Above all, you want to have the wisdom of your decision recognized so make your report neat, clear and easy to read. Do not forget to reference all sources referred to in your analysis.

A suggested format (though by no means the only one) is: (3 slides)
1. State the basic problem in terms of what has been happening and the principles involved. Avoid telling or repeating all the petty details. Describe the material from the course and outside resources that supports your analysis.
2. Indicate briefly the possible approaches you considered.
3. Indicate in detail the steps you choose to take. Tell exactly what you intend to do. Tell why you believe this action will solve the problem. Point out the difficulties you anticipate and the actions planned to deal with them.
In short, to tell what you intend to do is only half of the task – the story. The other half requires you to tell why you think it makes sense to do so.

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