Master’s Program Admission Essay

Write a two to three page (double-spaced) essay about the possible difficulties advanced level social workers might encounter when working with a particular population. This population (identified by the applicant) would challenge personal beliefs, values or ideals in a social work setting. Discuss strategies for maintaining professionalism in working with this client group. The writing sample should demonstrate proper use of two scholarly sources and appropriate referencing, citations, and formatting per APA 6th edition. Given the critical importance of documentation and critical thinking as an advanced level social worker, failure to provide an adequate writing sample may result in an additional requirement of a writing course prior to entering the program.
As a student in the MSW Program you will be required to produce many written papers, projects, and other works. Many of these written activities will require you to also utilize APA format. The faculty and staff of the MSW program will use a writing sample to help assess your written communication skills. Your writing sample should demonstrate the following;
o Your ability to gather information about a topic or an issue relating to policy or research. o Your ability to apply critical thinking skills and knowledge to a topic.
o Your mastery of proper grammar, spelling, and use of APA format (cite at least two
sources utilizing the APA Manual, 6th edition).

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