Mental health issue in Homerton Hackney

Relevant Report Title – relevant urban health issue with a complete academic title, population group, the neighbourhood area of study
Introduction – brief overview (introduction) of the urban health issue and clear signposting that shows how the work is organised
Rationale of the Report – application of key theoretical concepts (UHF, sick city hypothesis, urban health penalty, urban health advantage) to explain and justify why the topic is an urban health issue and the relevance of the local (neighbourhood) area / place chosen to study this UH issue, use of relevant evidential ( epidemiological /statistical) data (of local area, London and /or England/ UK) that help to show the scale, depth and patterns of this urban health problem.
Profiling and Description of the Local Area – use of secondary data/ information about the local area from relevant sources to provide spatial, demographic, socio-economic, key health data / information and details relevant to the UH issue and the area.
The Observation Data explanation of how the observation was done and presentation of quantitative and qualitative data observed in the area in relation to the UH issue and presented in tables, maps, graphs, pictures and photos; details of social determinants relevant to the UH issue.
Analysis, Interpretation and Discussion of Observation Data Analysis – discussion of observation data and findings linked to relevant evidence in the up-to-date general academic literature on the UH issue. The discussion should be underpinned by relevant literature that relates to this urban health issue, e.g. with respect to its determinants, health implications, interventions and their impact.
Recommendations and Conclusion – recommendations tailored to specific stakeholders with interest in the UH issue in the area and conclusions that recap the key aspects of the report and the work presented about the urban health issue in the area studied. References – a list of all resources used to prepare the work, in alphabetical order without numbering and in the Harvard style. Appendices (if there are any appendices necessary for the work)

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