Mgt new clAsses

View the Youtube videos from the link below and pick two scenarios. Identify the video you selected, e.g., 1 and 9, etc, then discuss what management style you would use to manage the conflict in the scenario. Be sure to discuss why you chose that particular management style. Would this same approach be successful within a healthcare setting? Support your answer.
How to Manage Conflict in the workplace?

Conflict in the workplace:
2.Imagine you are about to hire 2 more employees to work in a medical facility of which you have oversight. One is a single parent with 2 children and the other cares for elderly parents. Briefly share the considerations you would associate with at least two (2) of the concepts below (e.g., from the interview to Occupational Health, Safety and Security Training).
Interviewing (What can you ask legally?) (Panel Interviews vs Non Panel Interviews)
Workforce Planning and Employment (Retaining and Choosing the Right Staff)
Scheduling of Employee (work life balance)
Occupational Health, Safety and Security (What are some annual requirements in healthcare should a director have to keep track of: For example, Annual Corporate Compliance Education, Licensure and Certifications, CPR, ACLS, and/or Tuberculosis Screening

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