MIDDLE EAST FOCUS: choice between 4 questions


1. Is it important to be happy? What are the main benefits of a high life-satisfaction for political and economic life? Refer to data from the region(s) you study to support your argument.

2. Richard Layard says that the world needs an ethical principle that is both convincing and inspiring as well as living organisations in which people meet regularly for uplift and mental support. Critically discuss, if the world can agree on such universal values, referring to ethical principles and examples of such organisations from the cultures/regions you study.

3. Sara Ahmed argues that instead of saying what is good is apt to cause pleasure, we could say that what is apt to cause pleasure is already judged to be good. Analyse this statement in the context of advertising and nudge theory, referring to examples and campaigns from the cultures/regions you study.

4. Living alone is universally considered one of the biggest factors causing unhappiness. What role does the family play in the culture(s) you study? Discuss in relation to happiness data available for your region(s)/culture(s).

”Refer to date from the region you studied” : Middle east.
This means base your argument of the essay on middle eastern data.
Please include a Harvard style bibliography at the end and add footnote references throughout the essay.
I have a lot of other essays to work on but this one is very important also so please be reachable!
2500 words excluding bibliography. Deadline maximum Thursday 11th of January at 9am british time.
If you can send me a draft at 1500 words please. Use theories books articles and journals etc..

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