Mitosis Written Assignment

Week 7: Mitosis – Written Assignment
In this assignment, you will review the steps of mitosis and video simulations of cell division.
Part I. Apply the Topic Summary Video Information (1 point each = 8 points)
1. Which stage does the following occur:
a. Chromatin condenses into chromosomes
b. Chromosomes align in center of cell
c. Longest part of the cell cycle
d. Nuclear envelope breaks down
e. Cell is cleaved into two new daughter cells
f. Daughter chromosomes arrive at the poles
g. Chromatids are pulled apart
h. DNA is replicated
Part II. Visit the Mitosis Tutorial (2 points each = 8 points)
Visit the mitosis tutorial found at and watch the animation carefully. You can slow down the video by clicking step-by-step through the phases. The colored chromosomes represent chromatids. There are two of each color because one is an exact duplicate of the other.
2. How many chromosomes are visible at the beginning of mitosis?
3. How many chromosomes are in each identical daughter cell at the end of mitosis?
4. The little green T shaped things in the cell are:
5. What happens to the centrioles during mitosis?
Part III. Identify the Stages of These Cells (2 points each = 6 points)

Part IV. One More Mitosis Animation (3 points each = 12 points)
Go to and draw the cell in each of the following phases:


Part V. All About the Chromosome (6 points)
Draw a chromosome as seen in prophase. Label the following items: centromere, sister chromatids, short arms, long arms.
NOTE: Feel free to draw directly on the page with a pen/pencil and take a picture with a mobile device to upload. Or, you can scan the pages in to upload for your assignment. For those of you comfortable with computers/mobile devices, feel free to use a computer-based application to draw as well.

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