modern political thought

Explain the meaning, context and significance of one of the following passages.
Advice: It may be useful to divide your explanations into four parts: a) immediate meaning or key ideas, b) context (where the passage fits in the work), c) relation to the work as a whole; d) relation to the work of other authors. Reference to both primary and secondary sources (background and suggested readings) is essential.

A man who becomes ruler through popular favour, then, must keep the people well disposed towards him. This will be easy, since tey want only not to be oppressed. But a man who becomes ruler against the wishes of the people, and through the favour of the nobles, must above all else try to win over the people, which will be easy if you protect them (Machiavelli, The Prince).

A requirement i have is that the writer must also use sources from this reading list, this is ESSENTIAL to my essay for me to aquire the best grade, however you do not need to use all of them only as many as you can:

Background reading and reading for essays
L. Althusser, Machiavelli and Us, (Verso, 2001).
F. Del Lucchese, Crisis and Power: Economics, Politics and Conflict in the Thought of Machiavelli, History of Political Thought, 30, 2009, pp. 75-96.
F. Gilbert, Machiavelli and Guicciardini: Politics and History in Sixteenth-Century Florence, (Princeton UP, 1965).
A.Gramsci, Prison Notebooks: Selection (Lawrence & Wishart, 1998).
J.M. Najemy (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Machiavelli (Cambridge UP, 2010).
R. Ridolfi, The Life of Niccol Machiavelli (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1963).
C. Vivanti, Niccol Machiavelli (Princeton UP, 2011).

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