Movements and Design views 20th century

The assignment is aimed at gaining knowledge and insight into the backgrounds and reasoning of important movements and design views in the first half of the 20th century.
You can use the book Kenneth Frampton, Modern Architecture, a critical history, Fourth edition, ISBN 978-0-500-20395-8, Thames & Hudson, London, 2007-14 as manual in addition to the lectures and the well-known internet sites.
In your paper you give a short typing (ca. 300 words) per movement. Here you outline the historical background (eg industrial revolution, housing shortage, development of abstract art, sources of inspiration from technology and science), and an explanation of the aesthetic and / or socio-economic, technical reasoning. You illustrate this with a description of at least one clear, relevant illustrative example.
I Its about the following movements:
1 Arts & Crafts (Ruskin, Morris)
2 Structural Rationalism, Viollet le Duc and his followers, Gaudi, Guimard, Horta, Berlage
3 Expressionism (Amsterdam School, German Expressionism(Bruno Taut, Glaserne Kette))
4 Constructivism (De Stijl Russian Constructivism)
5 Modern Movements: (heroic phase) Bauhaus, early Le Corbusier, International Style, CIAM (before the war)
Eventually for the the description of the examples you can use Harms system multiple Form follows F (see below)
From follows Feelings: Develop ideas and translate them in Spatial compositions with, deep
understanding of object, space, forms, colours and order in relation to light.
Form follows Function: peoples interactive behaviour in relation to object and space.
Form follows Flow: Movement and circulation of people and goods through space.
Form follows Force: Constructing and building objects with various materials and techniques
Form follows Fiction: Visualizing ideas in digital or analogue 2D and 3D spatial images.
Form follows Finance: Understand the basic financial consequences of spatial ideas.
Assessment criteria
Clarity of the typing of the currents.
Understanding architectural characteristics and objectives.
Accuracy of data.
Care, resources (MLA), language and spelling, lay-out

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