Music Essay

Answer the following 2 essay topics, in 2 separate papers. Each essay should be 2.5 pages. 5 pages total.
1. Write a brief essay in which you compile the soundtrack of your life (approx. 4-5 pieces), incorporating at least two of the pieces we discussed in this class. The other music you select should be from Latin America and/or the Caribbean, and in a brief essay, explain why you have selected the pieces that you have.
2. Imagine that you are an Ethnomusicologist about to embark on your own fieldwork in the Caribbean or Latin America. In a brief essay, explain what your project would be if you were given a funded year to research some genre or aspect of music in this region of the world. How would you go about your research (i.e. do you need access to archives or would you be conducting interviews?). What would your guiding questions be? And what might you hope to accomplish?

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