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DEBATE: Genocide or Harsh Invasion?
The initial post with with well referenced facts is due by Wednesday, 11:55 p.m. ET and 2 peer responses are due by Friday, 11:55 p.m. ET. Do not research on the Internet.
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Dr. Gregory Smithers stated in his article, Teaching Native American History in a Polarized Age that: ” the college classroom should also be a space where students can analyze the often-brutal aspects of American history. … While we as college educators should not shy away from the more uncomfortable facets of American history, we also need to introduce students to the strength of indigenous communities and the significance of native cultures and traditions surviving and thriving in our current century. … The challenges to teaching Native American history in college classrooms are broad ranging; they are cultural, institutional, and political in nature. But these challenges are not insurmountable. Indeed, a liberal education that views pedagogy as a means of engaging, intervening, and rethinking the place and roles of native people in American history constitutes an empowering educational experience for our students and cultivates a more open and democratic historical discourse. Such a broadening and deepening of our students’ historical perspectives about Native American history may indeed be closer than we think. “1
Debate Instructions:

Topic: Genocide or Harsh Invasion?: Did the actions and policies of Europeans and U.S. Americans toward Indians qualify as genocide or not?

You have been divided into two groups. Group A (last names A through Me) will support the genocide position. Group B (last names Mi through W) will support Invasion with Repercussions position.

The analysis for your debate posts should come from the websites provided by the instructor, your textbook, the lectures, videos, and the research you conducted in the APUS Library.

To participate in the debate, you need to research both positions. The required work will help you. Just make sure that you ground your analysis in academic sources and you demonstrate you have done all the required work by integrating it into your debate positions.

Group A: Your last name begins with A-Me.
Group B: Your last name begins with Mi-W.

The initial post will be at least 300 words. You are then required to continue the debate by posting responses to the arguments of the opposing group. At least two responses must be at least 100 words each. You are encouraged to post more than this. Your two best responses will be graded. Remember that everything you argue must be grounded in academic research and must demonstrate you have done the required work.

Using the following websites to discuss this topic:
Genocide and American Indian History – Oxford Research ……001…/acrefore-9780199329175-e-3
Genocide of Native Americans: Historical Facts and Historiographic …
The Great Debate | Native American Netroots

Case Studies on American Indian History
Reference using one of the three formats and following your major’s designated style: MLA, APA, CS, Kate L. Turabian’s Manual, and the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES!
1. Gregory D. Smithers, “The American Historian: Teaching Native American History in a Polarized Age,” The American Historian: The American Historian, last modified 2015,

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