Cornuelle, Kimberly. Nature vs. Nurture: The Biology of Sexuality | BU Today | Boston
University. BU Today,
During the 1950 homosexualitly was declared a mental illness when Pillard was in school. Do to belief they were taught how to treat homosexuality. But as time passed the first one to really look into homosexulilty was Karen Hooker. In the studies Hooker found that there are not that different from those of a heteralsexual based on intellagece. Hooker says that due to the testing she was able to confirm that sexualilty cant be based on enviorment. In 1973 homosexulity publicly said that it was not a mental illness. In the early 1990s professor Bailey of Northwestern University found that homosexuality is largely biologically determined, not environmentally influenced. Pliared and Baily teamed up to look at homosexualtiy between twin brothers as well as non related brothers and it was seen that if one twin was gay there was 52% chance the other would be too while the non related brothers chances of being both gay is 5%.
I think that this will help my argument to prove sexuality is biological and not environmental. In this article they talk about other sources in order to give an overview into homosexuality and give me more sources to look into. They also give so solid facts that can help build my case for nature of sexuilty.
KAITLYN M MARRERO on December 1, 2011 1:27 PM, et al. Born a Criminal. Born
a Criminal – Science in Our World: Certainty & Controversy,
The first theory was in the 1800s it was based on how people look they said that if you have enormous jaws, huge eye sockets, and handle-shaped ears there was a higher chance of you being a criminal. Which can make sence seeing that is if you are born with these looks any people see you in a threatening you can begin to live up to that but that’s kind of nurture but if you think about it it started because of nature. But this obviously not being enough to say that crime is nature so in the 1930s there was testing done to prove that identical twins that were separated at birth and live completely different lives still end up being criminals. While with identical twins it’s 50% likely they will both be criminals and with fraternal twins it’s about 15-30%. So this leads to the gene for aggression which while not being about to find seeing as multiple things add up to have the perfect recipe for aggression. Another thing they say that the aggression gene is linked in the sex gene so if they have bother there is a high chances for …monoamine oxidase-A. Defects in the gene prevent the enzyme from working, creating a buildup of neuro-transmitters in the brain, resulting in over-excitation of the nerves in stressful situations.
This article will help me prove the crime is something you inherit and while some of crime might be nature there is definitely some cases where the person was unable to decide right from wrong.
Kelly ServickNov. 17, 2014 , 11:00 AM, et al. Study of gay brothers may confirm X
chromosome link to homosexuality. Science | AAAS, 9 Dec. 2017,
There is not gay gene that has been found but what they have found in a stretch in the X chromosome which can be the cause of homosexuality. While behavioral scientist turn away from facts because they believe homosexuality occurs because of environmental and they fact that there might not be just one gene for homosexuality. In fact there might be a combination of genes that makes a person interested in the same sex rather an opposite. However science is still advancing but they have come so far to indetify that the sexuilty gene is most likely located in the 8th chromosome and Xq28.
This article gets more specific and has a lot of test done by scientist to prove my point. While science is still developing there is definitely enough to support my belife that sexuilty is based on nature. The facts about the chromosome link to there DNA being different.
Morrissey, Tracie Egan. Science Is Finally Catching on That Female Promiscuity Is Natural.
Jezebel,, 4 Dec. 2013,
Women look for the most suitable mate based on nature. Its not something we do by persay choice but its more of a psychological thing we do to pass down our traits to keep our species and line going. Considering we are all technically animals we have these traits to look for other partners to make the best offspring with would make women natural more promiscuous and have a hard time to commit.
Ill use this to prove that sexuilty is all natual and determined before birth. This prove that promiscuity is something that you cant control. This shows what nature has designed us to do.
ScienceDaily, ScienceDaily,
In a study they used identical twins which means they have 100% the same DNA were raised in different houses and when given an IQ test they both had very similar IQs. With fraternal twins both have very different IQs because they don’t have the same DNA. They say that the size of one’s brain has a lot to do with it. Uses Grey and white areas. Also cognitive and structure are a big deal in determining intelligence.
I think this article will help me prove my argument that intelligence is nature. This will prove that my stand on intelligence is about nature. While the brain is still not fully figured out you can’t say intelligence is only based on nurture.

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