Nike: Application and Critical Evaluation of Efficient Market Hypotheses for the past 2 years

Write an Essay of 1,500 words on:
Application and Critical Evaluation of Efficient Market Hypotheses for Nike in the past 2 years period
Company Name: Nike
Stock name: NKE
Stock exchange market: NYSE
Country: USA

Guidance Notes:
1) Discuss about Efficient Market Hypotheses.
2) Take any one company listed on any stock exchange of the world as an example and study its share price over a 2 year period using the topics discussed in the module.
3) Take 2 years data and apply and critically evaluate Efficient Market Hypotheses for that particular company. Use the contents discussed in the module and the below mentioned 4 research articles in your analysis.
4) Show evidences for your arguments for special events like declaration of good / bad news, launching or discontinuing a new product, change of CEO, expansion, any other news and its impact on information and then impact on share prices. Provide clear evidences with dates and original news source.
5) At the end, summarise with your own conclusion.
6) The following shall be the criteria for marking the coursework:
(i) Depth and coverage of practical issues and theory…10 marks
(ii) Analysis and argument……………………………….. 5 marks
(iii) Originality & Presentation formatting……………….. 2 marks
(iv) Accurate Referencing of literature……………………. 3 marks

Suggested Reference Research Articles: (read the below papers before you start working!)
a) Fama, Eugene. EFFICIENT CAPITAL MARKETS: A REVIEW OF THEORY AND EMPIRICAL WORK. Journal Of Finance [serial online]. May 1970;25(2):383-417
b) Fama, Eugene. Efficient Capital Markets II. THE JOURNAL OF FINANCE . VOL. XLVI, NO. 5 . DECEMBER 1991
c) Fama, Eugene. Random Walks in Stock Market Prices. Financial Analysts Joumal (September/October 1965):55-59.
d) Chung, Dennis, Y.; Hradzil, Karel. Market Efficiency and the Post-Earnings Announcement Drift, Contemporary Accounting Research Vol. 28 No. 3 (Fall 2011) pp. 926956 1 CAAA. doi:10.1111/j.1911-3846.2011.01078.x

** Harvard style reference, cite them right format, you could use below link:

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