Nonviolent resistance

a) look to the additional file for all the instructions
b) please read carefully before you make any offer.

c) reflective paper 3 bages about the document that I attached , video, and the chapter that I mentioned in the additional document of the book.
(1) What is the film? This Is What Democracy Looks Like deals with a noteworthy protest against the World Trade Organization in Seattle, WA. It may be viewed on Youtube:
(2) As you watch, consider these questions:
Why do the advocates believe that the WTO is worth protesting?
Why do the protestors think that trade agreements create a stealth government?
What are some working conditions for laborers overseas noted in the documentary?
How did the press cover the protests, according to the documentary?
(3) Compose a paper that explores the film through Kings perspective, as represented in his Letter From A Birmingham Jail. How you write the paper is up to you. Nevertheless, you might want to keep these questions in mind.
Did the activists have a good case for protesting?
Were they justified in breaking the law?
How did the activists handle confrontations with police (n.b., take a look at what happens at the 9:45 mark)?
To be clear, you do not have to agree completely with the films point of view. However, you should see it as a means to discuss the rhetorical appeal of nonviolent resistance.

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