Nursing informatics

Consider the following scenario: You are in a hospital setting with various departments such as admissions, emergency, radiology, pharmacy, etc. As mentioned in the module readings, one factor that makes health care such a complex field is that there are numerous types of health care data spanning a broad spectrum Below are some pertinent questions that are essential to a data management professional in relation to data.
Summarize your responses to these questions and post your summary into the Discussion Forum. Compare your ideas with those of your colleagues.
1) What types of data might be found in the environment mentioned above?
2) What would be their categories in terms of data type and how will the data be collected?
3) What would be the rationale why the data is categorized in that manner?
4) What would be some of the appropriate strategies that can be utilized to deal with the management of any barriers, facilitators, and challenges during the data collection process and analysis?
5) Which are some of the areas that will require improvement?
6) What will be the potential benefits of the improvement in these areas?
7) Why do you think this modification has not been previously made?
In the last paragraph answer:
Which of the above types of health data would be easiest to organize? Which ones the most difficult? Why?

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