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(I) Critique the concepts and elements within Health Impact Assessment and to evaluate the different methodologies used. The key aspects of stakeholder involvement and contextual factors will be considered. You will talk about combinations of procedures, methods and tools by which a policy, programme or project may be judged as to its potential effects on the population, and the distribution of those effects within the population.

(2) Develop understanding and skills underpinning methods and methodologies used for impact assessment, the theoretical construction of data, research concepts and operationalization of research. The module will develop skills for project design and management, as well as an understanding of the multifaceted approach to assessing the impact of a development or policy.

(B.) 1. Understand the purpose, principles and practice of Health Impact Assessment
2. Evaluate current research, data sources and advanced methods used for collection of evidence for impact assessment
3. Discuss the integration of concerns into all policies at stakeholder, community, and regional levels, including use of Health Impact Assessment and evaluation tools
4. Apply methods and techniques appropriate to your own research or advanced scholarship in Health Impact Assessment.
(QUESTION) A Health Impact )Assessment Scoping Report

This component will be assessed by the completion of an extended report (4000 words). This report should discuss the importance of the integration of health into all policies at stakeholder, community, and regional levels, including use of impact assessment and evaluation tools. The report should introduce your development, the methods used and results of the screening stage, with justification for an approach to a Health Impact Assessment. The report should confirm the scope of the Health Impact Assessment, identifying the objectives, the health outcomes to be addressed, and the methodologies and methods to be used with justification

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