Operating System

Please read the attached document very carefully and do as what I asked exactly.
Important instructions must follow them:
1) Choose one Operating System components and evaluate it, analysis it, discuss its design,measure its performance, talk about its future direction .
2) Write a conference proceedings style paper.
3) Body must not exceed 10 double spaced pages. (including references) if it is more than 10 pages he will take 5 grades off. More than 10 double space pages with references are not acceptable at all.
4) No Abstract and definitions to any OS basic concepts at all since it is graduate level research paper or he will take 5 grades off.
5) The first page includes the title and author.
6) Begin the body of your paper immediately following the title information.
7) Use at least FIVE references to published research papers.The REFERENCES MUST BE from published sources within the LAST 10 YEARS selected from an IEEE OR ACM JOURNAL OR CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS (DONT USE TRADE JOURNALS AND TEXTBOOKS).

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