Organizational Culture, Leadership and Corruption in Brazil

Dear Editor,

Could you kindly follow these editing requests?

This is what my professor gave me as a feedback:
“There are still some things that you can improve to reach a better grade. These still refer to the case or cases that you want to analyze using the approaches of Pohlmann and Luhmann. For the analysis you need a systematic description of the case. The case should give all the information to the reader that will later link in the analysis with the theoretical elements. For example, for the analysis of organizational deviance, it is important to know if personal enrichment occurs among the directly involved actors (usually top managers). The information should be considered in the description of the case. For such information it is possible to read court documents or to use analysis made by other researchers. (Prof. Pohlmann analyzed the VW case, see Manager Magazin and ODS-Blog, online). Also in the case of Petrobras, if you want to use the case for analysis in your work, as you wrote in the introduction, then you would also need to describe the case in a separate chapter, as you did in the VW case.
The analysis should then systematically follow the theoretical steps, in the case of the approach of organizational deviance, the review of illegal activity for the benefit of the organization, no personal enrichment, legitimacy of the act in the organizational environment, organizational incentive structures, such as careers or bonus systems, etc … That’s still missing in your work.
In the theoretical presentation, there were also elements of Organizational Deviance missing, which are important to identify the Organizational Deviance according to Pohlmann: personal enrichment is not present, actors from the upper hierarchy in the company are involved, deviance in the environment (several Companies also act illegally), illegal activities for the benefit of the organization, etc …

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