Organizational Leadership_Final Exam

Your final exam for this MBA 6111 course is an analysis of the case titled Paradise Bakery and Caf: The Challenges of Success. Please read the case and its description in the document attached, looking for questions in the text which could guide you through your analysis. Your report should kindly be typed using word processing, and presented in double-spaced text, Times New Roman, font size 12. Please follow the case analysis structure which should consist of: (1) a description of the problem focused on by the case study, (2) ideas about how the problem can be resolved, using course concepts as much as possible, and (3) suggestions for preventing such problems from occurring in the future. Assessment will be made based on the following:

Case description, analytical reasoning and accurate addressing of the issue
Suggested decisions and recommendations
Use of key Organizational Leadership terms
Format and structure
Language and style

Friendly reminder: please be very careful to avoid unacceptable mistakes of plagiarism, outsourcing, spelling, typography, and deviations from format requirements.

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