Please answer ONE only of the following questions (2,500 words).
1. The concept of participation in development has been criticised as either a possible tyranny, or as transformative. Clarify your understanding of the different positions taken by some of the commentators, and explain which arguments that you ultimately find more persuasive from your point of view.
2. Reflecting upon the key concepts introduced in this module, identify one or two that you would argue to be essential in terms of addressing issues of poverty and explain why, giving case examples to support your argument.
3. In considering typologies of participation, discuss how and what you would find using one of these frameworks of analysis helpful for good development practice.
4. Imagine that you are planning to be a development practitioner who wishes to employ participatory methods (PMs) in your work. Firstly, explain why you would want to use PMs. Then reflect upon the role you will occupy within your work, and explore some of the challenges you will possibly face in terms of your own, and others, attitudes and behaviours

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