Pathos, Logos and Ethos

You are analyzing 1 advertisement regarding all 3- ethos, logos, and pathos. (See addtnl files for advertisement)

This rhetorical analysis five-paragraph essay will display your understanding of logos, ethos, and pathos as it relates to an advertisement of your choice. (So, your thesis points have already been provided: logos, ethos, and pathos.)
1) state your 3-point thesis (logos, ethos, and pathos)
2) identify a clear perspective (from which you are speaking–as a viewer) with an appropriate tone and an audience (probably the company/product or service executive)
3) write in third-person point of view (singular/plural)
4) write in present tense
5) use active verbs (omitting “can,” “could,” “would,” “should,” “will,” “shall,” “may,” “might,” and “must”)
6) structure, organize, and develop of your analyses of the logos, ethos, and pathos needed to communicate the message the advertisement aspires to transmit
7) include variety: diction, sentence structures and types, and appropriate transitions
8) have good grammar, usage, and mechanics
Time New Roman, font size 12, double spaced.

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