Persuasive Communication Analysis

Introduce what you will discuss throughout the paper AT&T It Can Wait campaign. Please provide more details about the PSA (e.g., exact message, the manner how the message is plotted and by whom). You would also need to rationalize your conjecture that the message is targeted at young drivers. Any statistics?
Persuasive attempt chosen for analysis: Give a detailed description of the persuasive communication chosen in your synopsis (e.g., actual contents, when and via which channel it is being delivered, who delivers the message [e.g., celebrity figure, anonymous actors], who are the anticipated target audience, who is the source sponsoring the message). The sponsor is AT&T, a global telecommunications company. Their message is to prevent people from texting while driving to avoid accidents. These PSAs can be seen on various local and cable television channels, as well as on YouTube. The target audience is for all drivers, but especially newly licensed drivers age 16-17.
Relevant theories: Describe at least 3 theories intended to be used to analyze the chosen persuasive attempt. Specify (a) all major components of the selected theories and (b) the working conditions under which they predict either persuasion success or persuasion failure. Theory 1 visual persuasion. The use of visual images stimulates the audiences mind into seeing and believing that something bad will happen if they text while driving. Visual persuasion will have to be further specified; are you simply saying that messages become more persuasive when they are presented in images than in texts; then what makes such differences; is it the level of involvement from the viewer, etc. Theory 2 Mere exposure The more we hear or see something, the more that it grows on us. If the initial impression is positive, then the chance of persuasion increases with repeated exposure. Think about the possibility that mere exposure can also be damaging; what would be teen agers’ reaction to such PSAs that keep saying that they are going to die text-driving; psychological reactance is often the case when such an attempt is made repeatedly. Theory 3 social proof. Viral marketing relies on social proof. When properly conveyed, messages that support pro-social advocacies can encourage many people to join movements and take concrete actions to help out. Social proof, unlike the current claim, can be used for either pro- or anti-social causes. Please make sure to understand the concepts/theories before analysis.
Analysis: Present your detailed reasoning as to precisely how the chosen theoretical frameworks apply to the particular persuasive communication. This is the most important part of your essay. They appeal to the audiences fear levels. By showing real-life footage of a car crash, repeated exposure, and using social media through multiple platforms, they are educating the public about the dangers of texting while driving.
Success or failure: Based on your analysis, provide an informed guess explaining whether the chosen persuasive attempt is expected to be a success or a failure. Explain why. These concepts apply to the success of the campaign because they use images and visual stimuli to show the audience the consequences of texting while driving. This has spawned a social movement with its own hashtag, #itcanwait, due to viral marketing and prompting the audience to sign up and take the pledge against texting while driving.
Conclusion: Summarize what you did throughout the paper. State what you learned while completing the individual project.
— The sources should be listed following the 6th APA manual (see for guidelines,

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