Philosophy short answer

1. Read the following article (on e-Reserve) and answer ALL the questions below: K. E. Goodpaster, Business Ethics and Stakeholder Analysis, Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 1. (Jan., 1991), pp. 53-73.

a) What does Goodpaster mean by strategic stakeholder synthesis? Why does he think businesses that operate according to the principles of strategic stakeholder synthesis do not really introduce ethical values into business decision-making?
(See Strategic Stakeholder Synthesis pp.57-59 and Is the Substance Ethical pp. 59-61)

b) Goodpaster argues that we need an approach to business ethics that avoids business without ethics (strategic stakeholder synthesis) and ethics without business (a multi- fiduciary stakeholder approach). Explain Goodpasters nonfiduciary approach to business obligations, making sure you distinguish it from both the multi-fiduciary stakeholder approach and the strategic stakeholder approach.

c) Does Goodpasters nonfiduciary account of business obligations provide sufficient protection for the interests of stakeholders other than shareholders? Does it avoid the problem of treating stakeholders as mere means to corporate ends? Given reasons for your answer.

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