Physical Evidence

Physical Evidence Essay
A suspect was apprehended soon after a burglary took place and was observed to have tiny specks of glass-like particles on his shoes and clothing.
In a 3-5-page essay discuss how this evidence should be processed using the concepts in your learning from the class.
Summarize the three major functions of a forensic scientist.
Discuss the two methods used by forensic scientists when examining physical evidence.
Define individual and class characteristics and include examples of evidence containing class and individual characteristics. (An excellent answer would include a total of at least six examples of evidence that contain class and individual characteristics.)
Discuss how the crime lab would examine and compare the evidence from the burglary. (An excellent answer would include at least four major points.)
The proper method of collecting and preserving glass evidence.
Use at least one outside research source including academic journals to support your view.
Source 1: Saferstein, R. (2013). Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science, Vitalsource for Kaplan University, 10th Edition. [Kaplan]. Retrieved from

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