Policies on Human resource (HR) plan

The following is current human resource (HR) plan of XYZ University. You are required to develop detailed HR plan policies of this XYZ University. No references required but the paper must be original.

XYZ University leadership is in agreement that the success of the University in achieving its mission and vision depends on the quality of professionals who educate, mentor, as well as engage with the students. XYZ University developed and is currently implementing a human resources (HR) plan based on that rationale. There are four important dimensions in the XYZ University HR Plan:

1. Plan Ahead for Anticipated HR Needs
An important concern that XYZ University has in terms of HR is an aging workforce. This means to say that a good number of faculty members will be retiring in four to five years. In light of this, it is crucial that XYZ University can predict when retirement among faculty members will exactly take place so that the University will be able to recruit and select replacements in a systematic manner, according to the Universitys mission and vision. Here, there is a need to point out that XYZ University is intent on achieving its mission and vision through the attainment of goals on 100% fully-qualified faculty.

2. Faculty Members and Employees Commitment to Mission
XYZ Universitys mission and vision center on the quality of education that students deserve. Therefore, the University is passionate about being able to recruit, select and retain faculty members and employees who can facilitate the attainment of that mission and vision. To be able to achieve this, it is of utmost importance that faculty members and employees have the requisite knowledge, competence, experience, professional credentials as well as personality that will enable XYZ University to attain its mission and vision.

3. Successful Onboarding
XYZ University has shifted away from mere orientations to onboarding, which encompasses measurements of orientation activities for new hires. The University takes educational and training approach to onboarding, which lasts for a period of five months. Throughout this process, not only are faculty members and staff provided with relevant and most recent knowledge but also support services.

4. Mentoring
Mentoring is a highly important component of XYZ Universitys HR plan, particularly for less experienced faculty members and employees. At XYZ University, every new hire, including faculty members, are designated a mentor, who closely engages with the new member of the organization in order to provide advice, information and support to ascertain that the new member comprehends XYZ University expectations and receive the necessary resources to achieve them.

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