Prepare a presentation in which you shou

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Task 1 of 1
Prepare a presentation in which you should explain a few marketing concepts as well as the
marketing planning process.
You should in particular have:
1. An introduction, explaining the purpose of strategic marketing
2. A diagram of the marketing planning process.
3. A review of some of the marketing concepts (e.g. Product life cycle, Porters 5 forces, Market
segmentation, Promotional mix, etc.) and how they relates to the planning process
4. Describe the significance of branding by providing examples of how brands could strengthen
a single product or a whole business
5. Illustrate the concepts of brand pyramid, brand positioning and brand management, and
how & why these concepts should be integrated.
1x executive summary (circa 500 words excluding diagrams)
1x executive summary (circa 500 words)
1x handout (if applicable)
1x mp3 recording (if applicable)
Task 2 of 2
Select an organisation and prepare a marketing plan with the following sections. 1. A section in
which you perform a PESTLE analysis and review Porters 5 forces relevant to your organisation.
2. A section with a SWOT analysis and a stakeholder analysis of your organisation 3. A section in
which you should develop SMART strategic objectives for the organisation 4.A section
concerning the market segment. This section should a. Discuss how market segments could be
used for the organisation b. Select one or more market segment(s), justifying your decision. c.
Propose and justify a brand positioning for the targeted market segment 5. A section
concerning the marketing mix. This section should a. analyse the significance of the marketing
mix for the organisation b. contain a pricing, promotional and distribution strategy for one of its
Submission and Delivery:
1x marketing plan (circa 3000 words)
Assignments Guidelines
To meet this unit, students must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards
specified by all assessment criteria for the unit
Task number Suggested evidence
1 Critically analyse the principles of
strategic marketing management
1.1 Critically discuss the nature and purpose of strategic
marketing in an organisation.
1.2 Critically analyse and apply different marketing
concepts in different organisational contexts.
1.3 Explain the processes involved in strategic marketing.
2 Apply various tools used to analyse
the business environment in
strategic marketing
2.1 Develop SMART strategic marketing objectives for an
2.2 Critically review the external and competitive
environment in which an organisational performs.
2.3 Evaluate internal and stakeholder environment in
which an organisational performs.
3 Critically discuss market
segmentations, targeting and brand
3.1 Critically discuss market segments for an organisational
3.2 Evaluate targeted segments for an organisational
3.3 Design a differentiated brand position for targeted
segments for an organisational context.
4 Critically analyse the integrated
marketing mix
4.1 Analyse the significance of the integrated marketing
mix for an organisational context.
4.2 Design an effective marketing mix for an organisational
4.3 Critically analyse the relationship between the product
lifecycle and the marketing mix for an organisational
5 Critically analyse brands in the
business context
5.1 Critically analyse the nature of brands and the
significance of branding.
5.2 Critically discuss the need for integration between the
brand pyramid, the brands positioning and brand
5.3 Explain how branding is used to strengthen a business
or product.

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