prev and treatment unit 9 juv powerpoint

Complete the Unit 9 Assignment: Prevention and Treatment Presentation
This week you will identify current prevention and treatment strategies used to address juvenile delinquency.
In the context of juvenile delinquency, treatment and prevention take on two different meanings. Treatment is reactive in nature, providing remedies for issues and conditions already present. Prevention, on the other hand, is proactive in nature, concentrating on eliminating or reducing the commission of certain conduct or the presence of certain situations.
Create a 1012 slide PowerPoint presentation which lists current prevention and treatment strategies. Include the following in your presentation:
List four current prevention strategies.
Discuss how effective each prevention strategy is in successfully rehabilitating the juvenile delinquent.
List four current treatment strategies.
Discuss how effective each treatment strategy is in successfully rehabilitating the juvenile delinquent.
Include an introduction slide and a reference slide.

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