Week 1: Working with data
Provide research from a current publication/study (within last 2 years) you have read either at work or home which highlights the use of statistical concepts in presenting information. Remember to cite the source. Considering what you have studied in the course material this week, what questions might you have about the data being presented? If you are stumped as to where to search searching consider looking at Gallop poll topics, sports stats or consumer reports for example. Do not just post an article about a statistic concept but rather find something discussing at topic that is using statistics to make a point. For example, in the Gallop polls you will find not only the topic and results but they provide all sorts of statistical information using the concepts you are reading about. Remember the rules about posting for full points – initial post before Thursday with appropriate research and citation and respond to at least one other post by closing of the discussion question Saturday evening!
1. Find and site a current publication/study produced within last 2 years which uses statistics to make a point about some topic.
2. Summarize what you found.
4. Identify questions you would have after reading what was presented.
5. Post before Thursday.
6. Respond in a meaningful way to another student post by midnight (St Louis time) Saturday.

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