Chapter 8 – Tapping into Global Markets
Chapter 9 – Identifying Market Segments and Targets
Chapter 10 – Crafting the Brand Positioning
Study Activities
The publisher has a companion MyMarketingLab website for this textbook that you can purchase access to by clicking HERE. This site contains additional resources to aid in learning the material that you can utilize in your studies and in the completion of the assignments.
Read and Study Chapter 8 – 10
Assignment 7
Final Project – Advance Notice
The Final Project provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts covered throughout the course. Your responses should be complete and to the point. This assignment is open book allowing you to use your textbook, journals, the internet, and other research materials and methods.

You are to research and analyze a current product on the market. Analyze and describe the past and current marketing and advertising strategies the company is using/used to sell their product. Identify strengths and weaknesses in both past and present campaigns.
Example: To increase sales volume of M&M candies, Mars Bars successfully developed a (gimmick) campaign, involving the idea of adding a new color to the traditional colors of the candies. They got the consumer involved in voting for the new color. The new color chosen by the consumer was blue. Sales increased dramatically.
Based on reasoned argument, develop a marketing and advertising program of your own for an already existing product. Identify and present your product, your pricing strategy, your place of distribution, promotions, advertising and your position in the marketplace. Show how your contribution can significantly impact the area of personal relationships.

Give facts and reasons that support your proposed plan. Compare, contrast and justify as to why your new plan would potentially be more successful than the current marketing / advertising plan.
Prepare an 8-10 page comprehensive paper that describes the above plan. Research your product and proposed marketing plan through use of the textbook, journal articles, trade magazines, the internet and/or direct contact with the company. Apply old ideas and create new ones. Make sure you cover the six Ps of marketing (product, price, place, promotion, position, and personal relationships) and particularly how they might affect what you do in business. The paper should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font with one-inch margins.
In addition to the paper, create a short Power Point presentation (10 – 15 slides), identifying your product and highlighting the key concepts of your project. The Term Project is due WEEK 8 of the semester.

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