Quality Management


Quality Management in Practice

The Charter School of San Diego and Sutter Davis Hospital received Malcolm Baldrige Quality Awards (2013-2015) in the category of education/health care services.

Part 1: Select ONE of these two real life case studies and read the application submitted for the quality excellence award.



From the information presented in the case study material, how does the Charter School of San Diego or Sutter Davis Hospital define quality? Discuss also the companys quality management regarding:

– Customer focus
– Leadership
– Strategic planning
– Human resource practices

For each of these four sections you should try to discuss the following questions:

What are the strengths of the company?
What maybe the opportunities for further improvement?

This discussion should be up to 2,500 words.

Part 2:

Select an organisation you are familiar with. (American Express can be used here or another well known international company).

In 1500 words reflect on the quality management practice (along the same four issues, listed above in Part 1) at the organisation.

The aims of the assignment are to provide you with an opportunity to:

– Demonstrate an understanding of the implications of quality management on individuals and the organisation
– Devise appropriate solutions for improving quality management in a particular context

Marking criteria:

In assessing your case study analysis you will be expected to:

– Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and theories discussed;
– Show an ability to relate theoretical material to practical, everyday organizational situations
– Present a case study report written in an appropriate style and format

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