Question Answer

5) How many prisoners are currently held in U.S. state and Federal Prisons? How many men and women are on Parole? What percentage of the worlds total prison population does that represent? What do these figures tell us about the American Penal State compared with other advanced industrial nations? Have we now added a Prison-Industrial Complex as a permanent bureaucratic interest group? How did the War on Drugs replace the War on Poverty? And which groups paid the heaviest price over the past 40 years?

6) Why does the American voting system of winner take all act an obstacle to the development of third parties? How could we change our system to make it more representative of the diversity of our population and increase election turnouts? Which party would benefit most from such a transformation? Do you think that the last two presidential elections were honest? Is there any evidence that suggests otherwise? Why were voter fraud and suppression still concerns in 2016 after Obamas victories in 2008 and 2012? How does the need to suppress the popular turnout help us understand the successful Republican strategy of targeting those popular organizations like Planned Parenthood or the teachers’ unions which had helped to boost the Democratic turn out?

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