Re-design and Improve Your Collaborative Design Project

This assignment requires that you re-design and improve your collaborative design project i.e. you need to make some changes to the process and / or results of your design project.
In this new iteration of the design project you should clearly explain what changes you have made to the design process and its results (e.g. how the problem was framed or the group of people that you are considering). Moreover, you need to critically discuss your experience and learning both in the group project and individual project.
The process that you have conducted during this individual project and its results should be critically analysed, illustrated, and evaluated in an Individual Report. The individual report should have the following expected structure, content and indicative length of each part:


Part I – Introduction
This part should provide:
A summary of your project / idea – with a clear
identification of the unmet need, the group of people and the situation that you are working on that clearly highlights the overall changes you made in relation to the group project.
An explanation and justification of the choice of the abstract model of the design process adopted (e.g. UK Design Council model, IDEOs model, d-School model) and whether this is different from the one adopted in the group project.
300 words
Section II – The Problem
This part should explain and critically discuss:
The problem and changes
How the problem was identified and framed, and
changes in framing.

350 words
Part III
The Solution
This part should explain and critically discuss:
The solution and changes
How the solution was generated and tested, and
changes in re-design of the solution.
350 words

Part IV Reflection

This part should explain and critically discuss:
What did you learn in the two iterations of the design
Main problems that you encountered
Lessons learned
500 words
In explaining and illustrating the process and the findings of your individual design project in the report you should:
Critically apply ideas, concepts, theories and frameworks from the range of literature examined in this module. You need to use at least two concepts, two frameworks and two methods and / or techniques covered in the DCI module.

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