Recommendation Report

Environmental Cleanup Recommendation Report

Proposal should mimic the traditional example of an internal proposal It is important to note that proposals are preliminary documents written to gain managements approval for the writer to engage in tasks that lead to a Recommendation Report. A proposal also promises deliverables that a Recommendation Report must produce.
To complete your Proposal for this week, you are required to include the following sections in the order presented below:
APA Cover Page.
Audience Analysis: Address all of the items on the “Audience Profile Sheet” on page 88. Insert this document at the beginning of your Proposal in order to justify your proposals objective, direction, and constraints.
Purpose: In the most concise terms, explain the purpose of your Proposal, which is to introduce your Recommendation Report topic to your audience.
Summary: Include a summary, which serves as an advance organizer (page 454) of the information contained in the full Proposal.
Introduction: Provide an explanation of the problem or question you hope to eventually answer in your Final Project. The Introduction section of your Proposal is where you will provide context and background for what gave rise to the need to produce these documents.
Proposed tasks: Includes the methodology of the Final Project broken down into clear and measurable segments. In this section of your Proposal, you must anticipate all tasks that will lead to the completion of the Recommendation Report. It is recommended that you review Chapter 18, pages 470-516 to help you complete this section.
Schedule: Provide a timeline for the completion of the above tasks and the entire Final Project Recommendation Report (Gantt charts on pages 436-437).
Experience: Include your credentials or future goals in relation to the subject matter References in APA format. This section should be at least 150 words in length.
Include at least four sources in addition to the course textbook that are amply and appropriately cited in the text of the document and listed on the Reference page.

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