Dear writers,
My name is Nguyen Dang Khoa and I would like to write a reference letter for my student whose name is Ho Vo Hoang Anh to apply for a scholarship in Finland, with major in Business Management.
I am a Head teacher in high school which name is Marie Curie and located at Ho Chi Minh city, and she had studied there for 3 years (2010-2013)
Striking personality: she is very hard-working in study and always put the time and effort to achieve her best. Besides, she is also enthusiastic in extracurricular when in High school time, especially she showed her persistence in taking part in and seting up for the Traditional Camp in 3 continuous years.
I strongly believe that those quality will make her a potential student in Finland’s institution.
Can you write for me the whole reference letter in formal tone? Contact info I will add later.

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