The purpose of the assessment task is to write a reflective essay that includes a discussion of the motivation theories you have learnt, and how
these may be applied to your own work history. Being able to do so, will assist your ability to evaluate why it is that some people excel in the
workplace, while others may not.
Consequently, you are required to answer the following question:
Summarise the concept of job satisfaction/dissatisfaction using 2-3 relevant theories.
Choose a job that you have been employed as part-time or full-time, permanent or temporary, in the profit or not for profit sector.
The job you choose however, must be one in which you were either: extremely satisfied or extremely dissatisfied.
Then, by applying 3 (three) theories of motivation, you are to analyse why you felt the way you did.
A reflective essay is an academic analysis of your own experience. It still follows academic conventions, for instance, it is structured with an
introductory paragraph, middle, and a well-defined conclusion and it should have a logical series of paragraphs.
The introductory paragraph must include the objective of the essay and the conclusion paragraph must highlight the importance of the learning
that you have achieved in completing this assessment task.
You need to critically reflect on thoughts, feelings and actions, then integrate these reflections with the theoretical concepts. A reflective essay
should be written in both the first and third person.
Your reflective essay should include:
A clear introduction defining scope.
A brief discussion of what job satisfaction/dissatisfaction is, including the appropriate theory.
A description of the job you have selected. Outline the role, your tenure, the organisation (under a pseudonym if confidential) and the
Three theories of motivation applied to the selected job and analysed in relation to your own experience.
A clear conclusion that summarises your insights.
A reference list.
Further guidance:
This paper requires a significant amount of analysis and personal reflection. This means that you should break down each theory of
motivation into its constituent parts and reflect on how the way you felt was influenced by the presence, or lack of presence, of the factors
within the motivation construct.
You should include a minimum of 10 references. At least 6 of these should be academic journals. The rest can be textbooks and
appropriate websites.
You should adopt the Harvard referencing convention throughout your essay as well as in the reference list at the end.
It is recommended that you use the structure outlined above and adopt sub-headings based on each bullet point.
The attached marking rubrics guides the marker when awarding marks for your essay. You should review your paper in line with this to
ensure there is nothing you have missed.
It is important to check your similarity in Turnitin. All sentences highlighted must be either paraphrased in your own words or put in quotes
and referenced accordingly. You should be aiming for as low a similarity score as you can. Similarity highlighted in a contents page,
reference list or appendices is nothing to be concerned about.

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