Report to Ministry of Health

Task is to write a write a report to the Ministry of Health in relation to payment of services.
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has assigned you the task of describing the methods by which hospitals and other healthcare providers are paid for their services in Australia. You must also compare your findings with how services of healthcare providers are paid for in the United Kingdom.
Your report should:
describe the payment systems in the two countries
assess their relative efficacy in containing the costs of care
and highlight key policy lessons (if any) for Australia.
Structuring your report

Brief introduction (approximately 1 paragraph)
State the nature of the task, its purpose and the health reform context.
Concisely and clearly outline the objectives and structure of the report, and briefly summarise how information was collected.

Summary of existing knowledge relating to the relevant health service payment strategies (approximately 3-4 paragraphs).
Critically summarise and integrate the appropriate health service information and evidence relevant to the topic.
Using the conceptual framework applied in this unit, assess the evidence about how payment strategies for health care provider services can contain costs of health care.
Note: This section of the report is not intended to be an exhaustive literature review, but you are expected to find a selection of reliable evidence that provides an accurate picture of the state of knowledge. As a loose guide, 15-25 references will generally be adequate, but the selection and use of references is more important than the number. Integrate and make some summary conclusions about the current state of knowledge about this topic and any wider implications.

State the policy lessons arising from the evidence about how strategies for payment for health services can contain costs (approximately 4-5 paragraphs)
State the policy options and implications for the government in question.
Note: Given the brief nature of your report (2000 words) and the complexity of health systems, your recommendations may not be definitive or exhaustive but should demonstrate critical thinking about the most important options and consequences. This section of the report integrates your knowledge of the conceptual framework, evidence and implications, and should be given due emphasis in your report.

Consideration will be given to the following questions during marking:

Was the response appropriate to the question posed in the task? (b) Was a conceptual framework used? (c) Was evidence used to support arguments? (d) Was the report well-structured from the start to the finish; e.g. clear statement of the problem, assessment of evidence, and appropriate conclusions drawn? (e) Was a list of references provided and in the appropriate format? (e) Was the report within the word limit?

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