Required Reading Proposal

For this assignment, students are to choose a book that they feel should be read in the context of this course and explain why it is worthy of our attention (official course title: Introduction to Politics: Exploring the Democratic experience). The book must be related to the course content and can be a work of fiction or non fiction but it cannot be a textbook or an e-book. In terms of fiction, this means that you can choose a novel, a play, or a book of poetry, etc., whereas for a work of non-fiction you are free to choose a memoir, a biography, an essay or any other book that, in your mind, fits well with the course. To complete this assignment, you MUST read the proposed book and you cannot use a book that you have read before or that you are reading for another course.
Guidelines: Your required reading proposal must contain 4 elements:
(a) the complete bibliographic citation of the book
(b) a summary of the contents of the book
(c) a rationale that explains why the book should be used as a required reading;
(d) an evaluation of the book’s limits or shortcomings and why, despite such limits or short comings, you feel the book should be read in this Pols 1000.
Your paper must be typed, double spaced, and contain between 500-750 words, not including the title page
The referencing style is open but please do not invent a new one
No interent sources

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