Research Paper- Study and Analysis

Your CEO has asked you to determine if engaged employees are better performers. Design a study that is intended to demonstrate whether employees who report higher work engagement are also higher performers.
– In your study, prepare a brief literature review of work engagement and its antecedents and consequences.
– Present a hypothesis that reflects a testable version of your research question.
– Discuss what your sample would be. State any assumptions that you make about the organization and the sample. Discuss your sampling strategy.
– Show me your measures. If you measure performance, tell me how you propose to measure performance. What can you say about the reliability and validity of your measures?
– Tell me how you propose to collect/gather data.
– Show your method of analysis (would you perform a t-test, anova, regression, etc.).
– How you will know whether or not your analysis supports your hypothesis.
– Discuss the limitations to your study.

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