review and study plan

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify the students potential weaknesses for the future national FNP certification exam and NP practice. A certification review study plan will be created to address the students weaknesses, and help prepare them to pass the national FNP certification exam and the APEA Predictor exam. This study plan should be used throughout the course to guide the student.

Due Date: This assignment is due by 11:59 pm MT Sunday of Week 1.
Total Points Possible: 100

– The student should review their APEA Pre Predictor exam results in detail.
– Results from the following knowledge areas must be reviewed: cardiovascular, dermatology, endocrine, EENT, gastroenterology, health promotion, hematology, mens health, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, pregnancy, professional issues, psychiatry, respiratory, sexually transmitted infections, urology, and womens health.
In addition the results from the following testing domains must be reviewed: assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, pharmacotherapeutics, and planning and intervention.
There must be a minimum of four knowledge areas and two testing domains included in the study plan (additional weak areas are encouraged to be included). At a minimum, the student should select the lowest scored four knowledge areas and the lowest scored two testing domains.
The study plan must include: at least six total learning goals based on the knowledge areas and testing domains (see above), and each goal must have at least four associated learning activities, a timeline for completion (within the current class timeframe), and a reflection.
Learning activities must be clearly identified and detailed. Learning activities may include:
Practicing with subject specific and additional150 question exams in the APEA myQbank
Additional time studying specific areas of the APEA review modules
Watching a webinar
Reading specific journal articles
Attending a conference or workshop
Working with preceptor in clinical setting to address identified weaknesses
Reviewing case studies
Going through a practice simulation
Studying from the certification review textbook
Attending a live certification review course

The assignment may be completed in a table format (see below) or organized in such a way that each learning goal is clearly separated and easily identifiable. APA format is not required.

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