Revision: The Purpose and Problem Statements

The Purpose and Problem Statements

While it is unlikely you will adopt Stephen Kings ritual for draft versions, recognize that writing drafts are an essential part of the process. This weeks writing assignment allows you to present an improved and refined problem statement and an aligned purpose statement.
To Prepare
For this revision of your purpose and problem statements, apply what you have learned from the information you have learned from the required readings, web resources, and media.

Submit your draft.
As in previous drafts, your paper should include the following:
Titlerefining the problem statement and purpose statement
A basic introduction or background statement
One or two specific and precise sentences that clearly state the problem
A few paragraphs that synthesize the evidence from research literature that this is a current, meaningful problem in the educational discipline
Substantiated statements using evidence from research
Note: Every statement must be substantiated by evidence from your research.
One or two sentences that explain the purpose of your study
Note: Connect the problem being addressed to the focus of your study.
Demonstration of a logical flow from the preliminary problem to this (narrower) tentative purpose in your study
Explanation of what aspect of the problem your study address (In other words, what will it accomplish?)
Find and review three scholarly sources to support your purpose.
Your newest draft of your paper should be in APA style and follow the guidelines provided in the document, APA Course Paper Template with Advice (6th ed.) found in the Learning Resources.

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