Rights and Freedoms

Topic- International Education Rights
Barriers to human rights are always accompanied by a human rights violation -preventing someone from practicing their human
-The barrier to human rights and a brief history. This may also include a threat as a potential barrier,
such as privacy rights, cyber crimes, environmental rights, etc.
– Scope of the barrier domestic, international? So what?
-What events, people, or organizations influenced the barrier (kept in it place, removed it)? Explain their
– What right was violated or was the person prevented from having? (Charter, UDHR, UNDRIP).
– What strategies were put in place to protect/advocate for the removal of the barrier? Assess and judge
the effectiveness of these strategies.
– Evaluate the progress in removing the barrier to the right (Was it needed? Where is it now?). What were
the legal ramifications of the challenge? Social impacts?
– Which legal theories or legal precedents can be used to support the change? How do they support/add
to the case? Use course concepts and legal knowledge to analyze your topic. (Fully explain your ideas!)
– What other issues can be associated with this barrier? What is the ripple-effect of this barrier or
-Outline other laws are in place that protect Canadians/citizens from the impact of human activities?
(Could be environmental, workplace, other pieces of legislation that further protect rights and remove
barriers?). What is the role of government (or branch of government)?

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