Role of semi participant researcher who adopt participant observation in interpretative methodology

Give the attached research focus, my supervisor feedback was as follows:
You need to be clearer of the role of the researcher in your work. For this you need to consider Reason 1988 for his contribution to critical subjectivity. For the construction and sociology of knowledge your work would benefit from Berger and Luckman 1991; Gergen 2009
For better explanation, supervisor said:
Draw more on range of ideas that helps to explain and justify my role as semi participant. Your sets in long tradition of the active participant thats this explain why you need to read RESON 1988, Berger and Luckman 1991; Gergen 2009 ‘sociology of knowledge’ references will add weight to your methodologies choice. So read and add to your role and how it is justify the chose of the methods mentioned in the above research focus. Read the book of Peter to understand the approach,

I would like to amend the design of my research by adding better ideas and understanding of the role of researcher and justify the methods that is used in the research. It is important that to be done academically so I need you to read the 3 references mentioned up in supervisor feedback especially the book of Reason 1988 to be able to give me more sense of what is the roles of researcher for critical subjective prospective is key
Also this suppose to influence the research design about choosing the methods so better justification, I attached one document about interpretive methodology and it includes different methods used why apply interpretative methodology please use this part to help you in justification
Also read section Access: Choices of Settings, Actors, Events, Archives, and Materials form Interpretive Research Design: Concepts and Processes Peregrine Schwartz-SheaDvora Yanow17 June 2013 Routledge book it gives you better understanding of tactics of roles
Most importantly read the supervisor feedback and follow

Reference should be automated to word citation and the format will be Harvard

also I add extra reference that is recommended form my supervisor

For writer consider bellow general understanding of reason book
This research considered to be a referenced to cooperative experiential inquire, since this research was conducted with the people and expected to be beneficial for them rather than being the on people. people was engaged with research through daily interacting with author and concerned person, contributing to practices for improvement and deciding on actions, nevertheless they not directly involved in the outcome of this thesis which is only produced by the author. This justify the use of participant observation methods rather than action research for seek of representing ideas and purpose author purpose. Articulating participant inquiry within practical research resulted in different and approaches and methodological proposes
Also consider below interpretative different methods used so you can justify why I am choosing the semi participant observation as methods in this research

Chapter 12 Interpretive Research

Mkae sure that you provide writer with [BOOK] Human inquiry in action: Developments in new paradigm research
P Reason – 1988 –

this is very important reference to read

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