Sales management in the B2B field, choose your own topic

Select your own subject in Sales management.
It must concern the B2B field.

Term Paper Guidelines Sales Management I 2017/18

Formulate an objective or research question(s) or working hypothesis(es) as CONCISE, PRECISE CONCRETE, FOCUSSED and SPECIFIC as possible with an explanation of this objective/question(s) and its (their) classification into a larger context. Then derive the content and structure of the work from this and explain it if necessary, create a first version of your introduction.
Please note that you must use at least 20 scientific sources (this is only an “order of magnitude” and very strongly dependent on the content of the work), of which a maximum of 50% are online sources. Books or articles from professional journals that you call up online are counted as “literature”.
Make sure that you do not write a handbook or textbook, but rather work on a scientific question. This always means that you have to demonstrate a certain critical distance – in other words, you do not produce a reflection essay or a newspaper article, but work on the question or objective academically.

Please note our references and research literature with Ready-for-use statistical information is available at If necessary, suitable material on your topic can also be found in the publications of the German economic research institutes (generally available online). These include, for example, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, cesifo in Munich, ZEW in Mannheim, RWI in Essen, DIW in Berlin. Please also take a look at the expert opinions of the German Council of Economic Experts (, also available in English.

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