Scholarship Essay


– Female, Nigerian.
My courses of choice: Politics (University of Essex) and International Relations (University of Aberdeen)
Undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations
Career plan is to work in academia. After obtaining masters, PhD in Government is next, and eventually become a professor of political science.

Detailed Plan of Study

Describe clearly the key things you are looking for in a course, your reasons for choosing the above courses and institutions. If you have a proposed dissertation topic in mind, please do give details. You should also justify why you want to undertake this study in the UK (300 words maximum)

2. Benefit To Your Home Country

An important selection criterion is therefore the potential contribution that a candidate will make to development as a result of a scholarship. Provide a statement explaining how your proposed study relates to a development need.

You are advised in your statement to describe how your plan of study or research relates to development in your sector and country. Please say how, on your return, you will apply your new skills and qualifications, and what outcomes you will hope to achieve. This could usefully to be related to a national development priority or objective. Please also suggest how the impact of the potential benefits of your work might be measured.

This section will be given a specific grade in assessing your application. You are advised to make use of, but not exceed, your limit of 500 words.

3. Future Career Plans

The Commission would like to get a clear idea of how the proposed qualification will assist you in your planned career. Please give brief details of the skills that you expect to gain from this award and of your professional plans once you return home on competition of your award

1. Objectives during the award

2. Career plans in the 5 years following the award

3. Long-term career plans

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