sociology to everyday life

Each student will write a semester paper. The topic of the paper is the application of sociological knowledge to everyday situations. In the paper, you will use the knowledge gained in the course to describe the applicability of one or more sociological theories and/or perspectives to an example, or examples, of the content found in films, books, or personal experiences.
The way in which you formulate this argument is totally up to your judgement. For example, one student might explain a particular television show or film, then explain several concepts learned in this course that are applicable to the film, and then discuss this application. Another student might walk through the plot of a book or actual event and apply the sociological concepts we learned in the class to the event as it unfolds. Again, the style is up to you. Every paper should include a Works Cited or References page. This page does not contribute to the page count. Appropriate section headings where warranted are appreciated.

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