Speech Type Conversation

These answers should not be brief – at least a minimum of 12 sentences, more if needed. Worth 10 points.

Think back to an important conversation you had recently in which you wanted to achieve a particular result. (example, asking your employer to change your work schedule; explaining to a friend how to change the oil and filter in a car; attempting to talk with your significant other in to buying the computer you like rather than the one he or she prefers.)
Work up a brief analysis, explaining the following:
1. your purpose in the conversation and the message strategy you chose to achieve your purpose
2. the communication channels used during the conversation and how this affected the outcome
3. the interference – internal or external – you encountered during the conversation
4. the steps you took to adjust to feedback
5. the strategic changes you would make in preparing for and carrying out the conversation if you had the conversation to do over again

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